Monday, 9 April 2012

written wrubbish

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- nothing coherent as yet, but I am, sort of, kinda, getting on with actually writing this damn silly idea of a Wyrdworld book - very gradually, like i.e. maybe a couple of pages on the weekends, occasionally stretching to a half or full dozen. Not a great rate of progress at all, bit it's still progress of a sort.

This strange turn of events was spurred on and kicked up the bum by the recent rediscovery of the poem-y thing what I did writ way back when I was wee at school, for an English project to come up with 'something scary' of-a-hallowe'en: having fairly recently started roleplaying a bit of a nasty half-ogre chap called of all things 'snuurg', I thought I'd have a go at an all-encompassing sort of bogeyman (or otherwise boogeyman to our over-the-pond-ers) poem incorporating (sort of) the idea that snuurg was the biggest baddest baddy bad-guy you ever met (you get these daft delusions when you're in your teens) - anyway, I thought, that'd be good in the book, and of course then thought, better bloody get on with it then. Hence, whence, and wheretofore, here we are - or will be, when it gradually gets written.

As a side-point, it's also where I got that signature-thing in my signature - i.e. ...I am the thing that darkness fears... -  I've been told a coupla times that I nicked it from Joss Whedon, as apparently he wrote summin similar in a bit of Buffy; it's a word or two different, I think, but unless he wrote it hmm, more than 27 years ago, I think I'm on the uppers as far as that goes.

- so yeah, I'm very gradually grinding it out, might have a rough draft in a year or two :/

The Aztecs better not be right.

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