Monday, 9 April 2012

not yet written off

...things progress, ever so very slowly: been grinding away at the book-scrawling thing and had one of them epiffy-ninny things right in the middle of doing a load of old exposition that was getting bogged down and boring, decided instead I'd do away with a lot of it and start on a different tack: rather than trying to do a whole Saga of a thing, I'm gonna do a bunch of Eddas instead, so to speak, i.e. a sheaf of shorter stories that sort of tie together (eventually), written in ways that suggest different sources on odd occasions and unusual angles; a lot less to come to terms with all in one go, and theoretically simpler to get put down on paper.

So far, not too bad, as it goes: nearly got the first one written out, will be maybe eighty pages; gonna start possibly rattling off a few illustrations and page-break sketches, or otherwise plumb the plentiful mine of deviant-talent so's I don't have to try and get to grips with another old habit I'm badly out of touch with; will definitely be doing that to sort out the book-cover, that's fer sure...

- meanwhile, minis and such continue to be belittly, other stuff abounds, and z brush is a pain in the bum to learn if you've never ever used it before at all ever. Or if you're as thick at the pick-up of it as what I are.

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