Monday, 9 April 2012

tempus fugits off

  • Mood: Bewildered
  • Listening to: the dooby doo
  • Reading: ritin' rithmetic
  • Watching: me wallet
  • Playing: possum
  • Eating: pigeon pie
  • Drinking: dirty dishwater
...or alternatively, it's later than you think, etcetera. Just figured out that my cat's something like five years old, and not three like what I thoot 'e was - so whee went a year or two where I clearly wasn't keeping count, hohum.

- in other words, 'appy noo woozits and all that, hope all's well with all o' them out there that's amongst the population making up you lot. Meanwhile here's me after a long old bit of being elsewhere. Decided to get rid of my last entry as it read like one massive great big whinge, moany old git goin' on about aches and pains and whatnot when the rest of the world's doing a good impression of generally falling to bits and having much worse troubles than any amount of added-up little bothers of mine might amount to. Put on a happy face and all that, blue skies turny-uppy stuff, and so on.

So, everybody's been busy then - can't pretend I'm gonna have any chance of catching up on the massive mountain of what you've all been up to but I will at the very least to take some time to have a good old long old look through the  lower foothills, at the very least - and then meanwhile and typically I'll throw a load of my old crap around and see if it sticks to the walls anywhere, just to podge up the pile.

What a steaming great git,eh?

Happy New Year folks :)

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