Sunday, 15 April 2012

wibbly wobbly walk

 - so, I was offered my very own miracle t'other day on my way back from work - last easter weekend as a matter of fact, which I suppose was sort of an appropriate time for it: anyway, was toodling along on my way through Chatham when a beardy-weirdy bible-burbling type approached me, blurting,

"I see you've got one leg longer than the other."
 " - eh?" (I thought this a fairly acceptable response)
"I myself have seen god actually lengthen a leg," he enthused.
"That must've been interesting."
"Have you ever considered the power of prayer?" he insisted.
"Not reeeeaaally."
"The Lord could help you with your affliction." he spouted.
"isn't this a bit of a busy weekend for him?"
"take this," he urged, thrusting a suspicious scrap of paper into my hand, scrawled upon with his email address.
By now we were opposite Primark, so I took the opportunity to duck for cover.
"Sorry, gotta go," I said, " - I have to go and buy some lopsided trousers."

...anyway. Meanwhile, isn't there anything set up on blogger to alert you to replies or whatever? Seems a bit bass-ackward, but heyho...


  1. Loonies eh? They are everywhere, in the street, at work, in my house, in the mirror, bloody everywhere!
    The comment notification thing is a bit random, oh well....

    1. - indeed. Would've assumed also that when you 'follow' someone on here, you'd get notified of their updates, and yet I've heard nowt about your recent bike-ickling activites, hmm...